„In this new body of work, I undo and tie anew",  2018

„In my work I follow the impulse of connections“, 2006-2017

Miray Seramet                                                                           


Miray on speed, part 2


In this new body of work, I undo and tie anew:

Scouring pads, burlap bags, Nylons or even those nets used at construction sites are being untied and then coiled again. The threads are being unwoven, unknitted and then recomposed differently. Old and new are forming a novel weave without the old threads being lost, it only is given another shape.




Definition and delimitation of the flowering 

A flower is the biological unit pollination of flowering plants. Their task is to attract pollinators, it forms a technical-functional unit. Pollinated flowers are classified according to their pollinators, e.g. the bird flowers or the beetle flowers. A bloom is defined as a branchwith  limited growth in the service of sexual reproduction. Their structure is clearly divided into perianth, stamens and carpels. Tulip or rose petals are good examples. Flower types are distinguished according to the shape of the flowers. The flower type stands in close connection to the respective pollinators: In the revolver flower, there are several approaches to the nectar, Gentiana acaulis for example. Rachenblütler are also zygomorph constructed. The pollinators teal into them. Is the opening of the Rachenblütler closed, than it is called a Maskenblume (Maskflower): the seal must be opened by the weight of the pollinator. Good examples are the Schmetterlingsblütter. The lip flowers bloom is clearly divided into two parts, with the lower lip serves as a loading area for the pollinators. Fallenblumen (Flowers with a trap)  inclose the pollinator on a temporary basis. Subtypes are clamping traps (Asclepias) and pitfall (Arum).


Life belongs together  


 ... my father always tells me that life belongs together ... 

Also, on some days, when you think everything ist sad and blue, he always says:

life belongs together. together: celebrate, grieve, travel together, laughing - but not alone.


Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge


The bridges that span the Bosphorus connecting Europe and Asia. They stand as a link, for the European idea and a vision: the enlargement of the EU by Turkey and a Another closer ties between continents …


Gretchen in der Stube Part 1, Part 2


My bosom yearns

To behold him again,

Ah, could I find him

That best of men! 

I'd tell him then

How I did miss him,


And kiss him

As much as I could, 

Die on his kisses

 I surely should!

  Goethe; Faust   


Gretchen in der Stube Part 1, shows a sequence of androgynous genitals, hybrids of sex shop accessories and soft toys. Various different animals such as rabbits, goats, fox and mink come together, each constructed from support tights / nylons and sheep wool. The wool is stuffed in the nylons and then sewn in. The energy flows through and is reflected in its full glory.




involves the cut surfaces and overlapping of nylon tights, without the respective surfaces being destroyed. The tights combine to form a new, unified whole, and a new and multi-layered colour is created. In this new identity the strong and the weak are preserved, and both are connected in a game of stretching and pulling. Together they are an „entity".


Den 20


tights are connected with robust, coarse masonry cord using a knitting machine. The masonry cord penetrates through the nylon. The strong thread takes the thin thread with it. The elastic fibres are very thin, but at the same time strong and unbreakable. The result is a tension within the two structures.




The point of departure is an oval-shaped sewing pattern / body.

The pattern is repeatedly cut out from different materials / substances and filled with different materials, such as straw, wood chips, stones, 

paper, etc. Each time a different interplay takes place between the inner and outer material.The eye connects the two. 

On the one hand, there exists a symbiosis of the two materials, but on the other hand, one material is stronger than the other, in that it penetrates or pierces.

What interested me most was the resistance between two materials: a show of strength.